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I got the slim tapers true to size and they're tight, but I'm guessing I can break them in like APCs. Should be a fun pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance I have a special gift . I'm about to apply for one. How much did you have to spend before you got a flight? I only had to make one purchase after I first signed up and they gave me a bonus 25,000 points (about $300 in travel credit) which was enough to get me to Seattle through Jet Blue. Points accrue pretty fast depending on how much you spend.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance Do you have the Blue Sky card? How'd you know? Indeed, I do.
I love my Amex. I bought a new iPhone, accidentally dropped it and got a cracked screen. Amex refunds the money. I get a new iPhone. Buy a Marc Jacobs belt at the boutique (no returns). It breaks. Get refunded. Also, roadside assistance, they'll call a tow truck and tell your family what happened. Lots of rewards... I think I've flown to LA and Seattle for free at least 5 times now. If you don't have an Amex yet, you're missing out man.
I'll get an MBA if my career can't proceed without it. Going straight from undergrad to MBA seems like a waste of money and a last resort for those who can't find a job. Waste of money because without solid experience you can't really aim for the mid-level positions.
It's not very flattering. I wouldn't wear it.
Option 1: Wear your MW suit Option 2: Sell your computer/laptop and go to a department store to buy a new suit.
Excuse the dirty fingernail. I've been rolling blunts. I hope that I just didn't help some Chinese counterfeiter get one step closer to make an authentic BV wallet.
new member, is that random?
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