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FW15 Ripstop Ground Jacket FW15 Houndstooth Flannel Worksheet LVC 1954 Anonymousism 1970 Converse
Yaeca FW15 Houndstooth Flannel Workshirt Samurai 0710xx Chup Paraboot
EG x TBB Portview Steven Alan Overshirt Uniqlo Oxford Sassafras Fall Leaf Sprayer Russell Moccasin
Yes. Both medium
I really like it. I had a moleskin Bedford from FW14 but found it a bit too dressy feeling. At the time I was hoping they'd do something in the same material but a bit more casual, so to me it's perfect. I'm way happy with it. This is a medium and it's cut pretty roomy - comparable to the way the coverall fits.
A couple fits with my new TBB x EG Portview EG x TBB Portview | EG 19th Century Oxford BD | FW13 Duck Fatigue | NB 1400 EG x TBB Portview | Loopwheeler Hoodie | Uniqlo Gingham | Samurai 710 | NB 1400
I could easily layer a thick sweater under it.
Yeah, i'm usually a Medium in most EG and this is a Small.
I have a pair of 710's that I wear a lot too. They're both pretty beat at this point. Probably spent more on repairs for each than I spent on them at time of purchase.
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