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Quote: Originally Posted by suited More often than not, people always favor the early years of shows, musicians, etc...regardless of the writing. There's something appealing and exciting about enjoying something new. You latch on to it, and that becomes the "good ole days" of that musician or show. The Simpsons would still be better during its early years regardless of how good or bad the writing is today. Not true at all. People truly...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Wow... just saw an episode for the first time in AGES (the one from just before the Vancouver Olympics started.) It was really, truly awful. I knew the show had gone downhill, but this wasn't even remotely funny in any way. It's painful to watch.
Another show that's all style and no substance.
Isn't this status-quo for Arab women?
+1. Really like that jacket. Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Can anybody I.d. Grumpy McPerm's coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat In Russia, hat wears you.
All those dead hookers you've collected over the years?
95% of American sports fans don't give a shit about soccer.
Youtube "Drunk History".
This guy is an all-time douchebag.
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