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Supreme ToJ AA Ooe Yofukuten Converse x John Varvatos
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin Can you button it? Looks good open, but may be too small Yea, can button it up but the shoulders ride up too much and it looks shit. I prefer it open anyway. I think it may be because its slightly too small in the chest Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx post fits of it buttoned up? why wouldn't you keep it? i would cop a blacked out varsity SO quick in...
Came in the post this morning. Not sure whether to keep it yet. Winter Varsity size 50+1 in the lengths
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Do small children mock the immensity of your head? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajashjkgasghjksghjdsfghjdfghjdfsghjfsdghjfsdhgjshgshahahaha
Mountain Research jacket Nom de Guerre shirt Flat Head F380's Desert Boots
It's raining in the North West of England..... Mountain Research jacket White tshirt APC jeans Flytops
Nom de Guerre Shirt Flat Head F380 Jeans Red Wing Boots VW Chain/wallet
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY I bought the WWM black mountain parka from TBS last fall. I'm a 36 and the S fits perfectly in the body but runs a bit short on me(I'm 6'1"), which is commonplace with WWM from what I've seen. That being said, it's a beautiful jacket and looks to be very adaptable. If you're under 5'11" I'd say go for it. I'm 6'3", haha. But it says the fella in the picture is 6'2" and the Large seems to it him well....
I'm thinking of buying this jacket. Anyone have experience with it? Or the fit of WWM jackets? Thanks.
Who makes the boots on the front cover of Lightning Outdoor style book vol.74? Thanks for the help.
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