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LIP watches. not sure if they're 200 though and maybe no alarm.
yes? no?
about the camera... if everyone has one can't you just ask them to send you the pics or download them from the net when they're posted. this is what i usually do unless they're using film and are really into photography. i would only buy one for waywt actually or take pictures of the stuff i buy.
i want to move out because everyone seems to be moving in with me. parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins! ack!
^bois des isles and cuir de russie. Quote: Givenchy vetyver is more of a refined and grown up scent. ah well then it's not for me then. thanks! i will go encre noire. i get cannabis too from guerlain but the last time i tried it it seemed more fresh and light. they must have reformulated it. the frosted one seemd lighter the one in a similar glass bottle like habit rouge seemed more tobacco and cannabis.
Quote: Originally Posted by kulata Yes. It is a great nutty vetiver. Very rich and luxurious smelling, the only reason I didn't buy a full bottle is because I have Encre Noire. But I'm still considering getting one coz its very unique. which do you like better among the 2? i keep buying dark/heavy frags not suitable for the weather. vetiver seems like a grown up summer option. is encre noire really unsuitable for hot weather? sycomore was...
has anyone tried givenchy vetyver?
looks cool. although he does resemble richard branson.
killian taste of heaven
wide toothed comb and a wax stick you just roll on your hair like a deodorant.
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