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La Fun Du Monde. English translation " The end of the world" Triple fermented hefewezian from a French Canadian Micro Brewer.
I also have a similar body structure. I typically will buy my slacks in a larger waist size. The larger the waist size the larger the leg openings. Then it off to the tailor to adjust the waist. This has been been the best workaround.
Reminds me of a Pea Coat I just saw on this site. www.seconds2none.com. The brand is Alpha Industries.
Quote: Originally Posted by Icehawk Hmm, I think I'm wearing a tie tonight and will give that one a go to see what it looks like. Agreed Christiansen looks like a good knot. I have to try this as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer I don't IRL but the phrase to me is funny...I prefer Man BAG The official term for man purse/bag is "MURSE" for 2010
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy does anyone know a good technique on painting the metal eyelet-lace things on chucks to make em all black ive never done something like that and i want mine all black like these lace holes paint suggestions and techniques? You can try a model car paint stick. Company name is Testors. Its enamel based and shoud be available at any hobby shop.
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