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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol japanese brand SCHORL. hardware is silver 925, leather is buffalo, pocket is snakeskin Thanks. Where do you end up buying it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 Freehold Raceway and Willowbrook. Willowbrook is better. I go to Freehold all the time. They rarely have any shit on sale. Maybe I'm just blind.
This is fresh. What are the deets? Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol the collar comes off
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Would you be any happier if someone was using all the 45s squatting 700? I get a little grumpy if I see somebody doing 6 inch leg presses with 10 plates a side, but if they're squatting or deadlifting big, I don't see how any reasonable person could complain about it. Big guys gotta workout too. I hit 315x8 for three sets before Christmas, then was traveling and/or sick. I'd like to get to 405 again, might not...
Pm use Luftvier or w.o.eisme. Both reside in philla.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum this is where i go. ive done my research and been to a few other places, but tbh they all taste similar. for some reason i just like banh mi saigon. i kinda like having the jewlery store in front. always a buncha chinese ppl inside and sone old geezers sitting on stools' @Matt. Are you vietnamese? for some reason i thought you were white, or just fluent from having lived there for so long? anyways best pho...
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 Yup. Works. I'll try to get a link to a few studies. My friend (mentioned above) has actually tested it in his lab. I take/took it in conjunction with Lechitin and Tyrosine. Where to KOP?
Saw this thread. Happened to be in NYC today so I kopped some at Bahn Mi Saigon in little italy. 3.75 for a pork banh mi. It was delish. Much better than a Subway.
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 May be slightly OT, but is anyone else pissed at the FDA for banning piracetam? I was just getting into the groove w/ it and they pulled it, no doubt realizing its potential marketability. Kunts. Got deets on piracetam?
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