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How you know if a girl might like you but she's scared to tell you? Let's say this girl has only had 1 true boyfriend in the past 6 years and has bounced around from guy to guy to guy(just having flings). I suspect she may have been in an emotionally abusive relationship as it was hard for her to admit to me that she has horribly low self-esteem and that she has some anxiety issues and that she's not happy. She does not drink or do drugs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I understand your thesis, and at a fundamental level I probably agree with the philosophical end that draws you toward the argument that you're making. We disagree in that I think you're taking the easy way out by srawing somewhat arbirary and poorly-informed distinctions that allow you to live with your beliefs -- I am drawn to that, too, but can't get past the fundamental illogic of doing so; thus I have a somewhat...
CoQ10 as a supplement is useless.
We need to make this into a caption contest.
Quote: Originally Posted by tj100 Who could forget the Lambo SUV? LM002 is BAWS.
Groom at 1324 Locust
Why the hell didn't Kate send her kids to AES New Delhi? The IVY's LOVE students from India/Pakistan for 2 reasons. They pay full tuition and are sometimesmaybe smart.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ^ looking forward to getting a pm... :-) today - Silver Scent by Bogard from a sample. blech. citrus, herbs, chemicals, and vanilla. My consolation with blind testing is it usually dies off quickly but this one is rather persistent. PS - guys, if anyone is interested in some of the ELDO (Etat Libre D'Orange) frags, i can get a few of the bottles for a good price... details here. let me know asap and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid --------------------------------- Was it here where someone posted the musings of an Australian cycling coach on training methods? Diff thread, but yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by diamonds dior homme fw05 good luck finding it. (IM ROLLING MY EYES HERE) Fresh..
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