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Not getting big enough. Seriously. I just cant seem to gain weight. I WANT MASS.
Quote: Originally Posted by ihambrecht any of the racetams are still quite easy to get. In fact i just bought pramiracetam, the newest of the group which is supposed to be a hell of a lot stronger. Yeah, would appreciate a reliable link.
potato slices.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint how do those cases look after they've been dropped a few times? Better than your Iphone would fare without a case.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I always chuckle when someone pulls out a nice phone that's enveloped by some heinous monstrosity of a case. It's like a bodykit for a phone. https://www.miniot.com/webshop/?port...iot&page=index
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI I saw one blogger label this as "the single best article on menswear they'd read in a long time". I expected so much more. From the authors or from the blogger?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker or We are only 2 months in, but BEST POST OF 2011
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Get glass Turn tap to "on" Fill glass Turn tap to "off" Bottled water is a crock, most of the time it's just tap water plus shipping and CO2 emissions (and markup), so just get a filter and a nylon nalgene or a stainless or a glass waterbottle and fillerup. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo I have never be able to get to 200. The closest I ever got was 197 on empty stomach with more fat that I would like. This is one of the reasons I want to give juice a try, but too afraid of bad consequences I guess. Also steroids aren't cheap. Me too. Closest I ever got was 193 and I had a little more fat on me then I would like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Right now about 195ish. As much as I want to lean out to 190, I still wish I was at 200. Me too. That's a goal I'm trying to get to.
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