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Banh Mi?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one There's 3 Miura P400S' for sale on Yahoo! JP used cars right now, but you know SV's don't exactly come cheap. I think you could expect to spend $500K on a 'common' Miura, easily. (the silver Miura is sex) I really like the Islero, actually. Something about those front fenders. If you've ever seen the Beatles rooftop video for 'Don't Let Me Down' there's a red...
being Indian, i empathize with the OP. All medical schools want to know is that you can perform under stress(MCAT) and you can study(GPA) and that you are willing to serve(volunteer work). Other than that, work on your extra-currics, and start doing your own shit. Don't let your grades drop and you should be a fine candidate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's It depends. A cold pack needs to be refrigerated and shelf life is a month to a few months generally speaking. I use a hot pack method and when I bottle it up I also hot pack that. Since a restaurant is using my stuff it has to be prepared in an inspected kitchen and I use FDA recommended procedures. Shelf life of my stuff is years and requires no refrigeration after opening. Since you've been in the game...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrLlama not really. it still looks good and big. The only downside is all the neighbors are indian. Must be New Jersey.
Me and about 7 other buddies are looking into tent camping in Cali. We have specifically focused on the south end of the Kern river in the middle of May. We thought about big sur but that was ruled out. We'd spend 2 nights camping and hiking around. There might be some debauchery since this is for a friends B-party. Any recs for the area?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I saw someone say that this: belongs in this: Agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude I think looking after your health and wellbeing by exercising frequently and eating clean 6 of 7 days a week makes up for it incorrect. The body can only compensate so much.
Not getting big enough. Seriously. I just cant seem to gain weight. I WANT MASS.
Quote: Originally Posted by ihambrecht any of the racetams are still quite easy to get. In fact i just bought pramiracetam, the newest of the group which is supposed to be a hell of a lot stronger. Yeah, would appreciate a reliable link.
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