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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Navarin printanier, though it doesn't feel anything like spring here, by God: This one's for the tourné h8ers: Quote: With the stew serve hot French bread, and a red Beaujolais or Bordeaux wine, a chilled rose, or a fairly full-bodied, dry, chilled white wine such as a Macon, Hermitage, or one of the lesser Burgundies. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/s...ryId=112294915
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Clubbing is social but it's also different from being at a bar or lounge. If you aren't from a culture where that's prevalent, then no you probably wouldn't like. If you grew up in NYC and you were a normal kid, you'd probably grow up dancing to house/electronic/or hiphop and house parties, then going out when you get older. Dancing is fun, if a DJ is good, it's a really good time. You do it to get really fucked up...
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I would much rather go by myself than with a woman that I didn't know and wasn't going to have have sex with. that is like dating. I hated that. Yes.
Bodybuilding.com has an 84 pg thread on this topic. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...hp?t=133389973
Chicago, New Delhi and Heathrow all suck. The best one I have been to has been Frankfurt.
Id pick it up and give it to a homeless person.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama barley tea. Agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI You guys are acting like Garance is some huge catch. Stop putting that pussy on a pedestal. That goes for every other woman posted in this thread. Realtalk.
Constant spam in this sub-forum.
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