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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I would much rather go by myself than with a woman that I didn't know and wasn't going to have have sex with. that is like dating. I hated that. Yes.
Croatia. has an 84 pg thread on this topic.
Chicago, New Delhi and Heathrow all suck. The best one I have been to has been Frankfurt.
Id pick it up and give it to a homeless person.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama barley tea. Agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI You guys are acting like Garance is some huge catch. Stop putting that pussy on a pedestal. That goes for every other woman posted in this thread. Realtalk.
Constant spam in this sub-forum.
He's trying to see how much of a man you are. Don't mow it.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah panka kahan hai ? i don't know what to contribute except you're missing takiyaa aur takhta, that's all the seating i'll be using in my home henceforth. maybe ek choti kursi ... floors made of sang-e-marmar ? i never received my invite for chai
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