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^^^I stick to Nordic Naturals. Good quality stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexx I would suggest not to go under a 90 degree angle to prevent long time knee damage. I disagree with this.
Fish oil. And occasionaly Zinc and Magnesium
Gulmarg, Kashmir
A good, short, read. http://www.muscleandstrength.com/for...ing-coach.html
I honestly believe that begenniers should stop reading t-nation and read Lyle's articles on Periodization to get a good and basic grasp of lifting.
Great read! Would read again.
No love for the japs?
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki Just buy a used G500. Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK Thanks. EDIT: Have one more for yall. I'm trying to get up to 100 pushups in 2 minutes. I can do 60 as of the last max set. Any ideas on the most effective way to achieve this goal? At this point I'm just doing 4 sets of 20 and 2 sets of 10 as part of a circuit. For this. Over the course of 10 consecutive days you must accomplish 200 pushups(no need to time). It will vary between Day A and Day B....
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