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Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 May be slightly OT, but is anyone else pissed at the FDA for banning piracetam? I was just getting into the groove w/ it and they pulled it, no doubt realizing its potential marketability. Kunts. Got deets on piracetam?
"Alpha as fuck" day. Double Breasted day(wear a DB suit)
This groupmeet better be alpha as fuck.
Here in New Jersey we had a pretty delayed response(the NY and NJ area is usually very good with plowing roads) but I was saddened to learn that a woman had to give birth in the lobby of her building and then wait 9 hours for paramedics to arrive, during which time the newborn passed away. Quite sad.
^^^I stick to Nordic Naturals. Good quality stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexx I would suggest not to go under a 90 degree angle to prevent long time knee damage. I disagree with this.
Fish oil. And occasionaly Zinc and Magnesium
Gulmarg, Kashmir
A good, short, read. http://www.muscleandstrength.com/for...ing-coach.html
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