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This one is a little depressing.
Those 6.0's really compliment the draping knit piece.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Considering he didn't know if the zombie disease was a virus, bacteria, or fungus, I wonder how he could test for it? I didn't get to watch the season finale but from the Wildfire episode and how he was experimenting with the TS-19 sample leads me to think he knew what it was. Or at least how to identify it.
Damn those APC's have some the greatest fades I have ever seen. Lawrider what brand are those? They look pretty nice to me.
I'm a teacher, and I'm friends with the superintendent and a few others at the district but I've found it's hard to get along socially with other educators. dtmt's comment explains it best I think. Especially sucks when we get those pretty new interns, can't even make a move even if I wanted to.
Oh man I didn't even know it came out yet I guess I'll watch it on Wednesday.
I was interned at the Columbia County jail for 2 weeks when I was 18. Got lucky at the hearing and left with a $250 fine thank goodness.
Those would make for some cool mousepads.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy as requested Krispy Kreme grassroots sandals god damn.
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