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I don't remember much about genetics/lineage, how do breeders prevent inbreeding over generations? Eventually you reach some breakdown from all the purebloods mixing eventually right?
I remember seeing some on Context probably sold out by now though. Also seconding the baby blue STFs, my shrunken verdes have a 7" opening. 30W though.
Niké x Band of Insiders 2007 SD Bunks®.
Wait so is 'made in maine' a sort of craftsmens' union or moccasin making atelier or something? Thought it was an upstart brand.
randomkoreandude, I heard the same thing. Kiya said it himself about them going under in a sufu thread. Maybe not entirely done for but I'm guessing they're in the same boat as April 77. Obenauf's vs Pecard's which is better? Would usually be stacked onto a light coat of Meltonian shoe creme.
Great looking pair. The tracks are pretty bold.
^Lol. The patches are neat too. Releasing a lot of high-profile denim lately..
They remind me of schoolchildren.
I wonder what they're going to do with the Mexican guy + familia who left to Florida or wherever they went.
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