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How big is the Flat Head bracelet?
Thanks, and also what exactly is 'loom chatter'? I've heard everything from the unprocessed cotton 'hairs' to the slub of a weave.
You ought to get some 201s.
I don't understand the visual appeal of those hiking style boots other than the speed lacing and storm welt. Still liking the M1943 repros, some of the designer takes on them are not too bad either minus CPxGeller.
Don't understand, was expecting Communists and/or zombies.
Fuller cuts with even a little extra break tend to flare out and cuffs/pinrolls stabilize the silhouette.
Jeans: Want solid indigo, 28-30x34, 14 - 16oz, open to any cut minus bootcut. Shirts: Want herringbone, twill, plainweave, chambray, cotton/wool, have front pockets, any standard colors, max price $100/per Jackets/Coats: cotton duck, wabash, twills, preferably in some brown/blue but I'm open to anything similar. max price $120/per Thanks for looking.
Would love measurements on the YMC.
0:21, lady so rich she has a trampoline sitting casually in the main room.
I have K - 5 credentials, teaching in a private school. The workload is really easy to get through + lesson plans are cake. If I were you I'd transition into some sort of craft like leatherworking or cordwaining, even SF is a great resource.
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