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I'd fuck a hundred dead dogs for a pair of size 12 Augusta horsehide boxing boots.
If you didn't go before 2006 don't go at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ] Zissou are those made from the greenline Edo Ai?
They will pretty much fade like regular clothes if you treat them like regular clothes. The biggest(only) real selling point apart from fits Nudie has is that their denim fades quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr Madstaxbro, do you have a fit pic of that shirt? Looks fucking fantastic but I wouldn't know how to wear that out. Yeah I didn't know how to wear it either so I sold it. If you're interested I think it was part of Sugar Cane x Begin.
Best: Sugar Cane Second Best: Locs
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 hey mad, do you own this buckle? if so, where did you get it? Got it off eBay $5 holla! There are still a boatload floating around last I checked.
I like the contrast that develops when jeans are cuffed, the dye stays intact as the rest of the denim fades. Nicely done.
Finally now I have something to match my APC x Supreme jeans.
Great looking jeans, can't wait to see post-soak fit!
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