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Dang looks like that coin pocket shift is permanent
Yeah great fit man, wish I jumped on them when BiG still had my size.
Steel wool, lime, some type of calcifying liquid.
Really wish the denim was a lot rougher.
They could at least mix up the model poses instead of that typical ssense 'hands flat on hips' shit.
A lot of the North American STFs are made in Mexico, never got to handle any Polish 501s myself.
Wow I'm a US12 and I thought mine were huge. I remember seeing size 50 Bruno Maglis in a garage sale, not much news now but at least there's the fact that they do produce oxfords up to that size. Hope it helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Is there a reason the toes are so square? Comfort last in likelihood. Also Andrew W are those patterned wholecuts in your second upload a commissioned work? They'd look amazing if you ever decide to sell any more like that pair.
I've found FOTL 3pk boxers never shift and the waistband is hardly noticeable when worn. Banana Republic underwear all sucks though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin pinroll Right here.
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