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Quote: Originally Posted by sipang I am in love.
Just saw the A/W 11 pieces, the chinaman band collar and black floral shorts were the only standouts to me.
Watch Context pick this up for the S/S 11.
I saw this really awesome MA-1 type jacket in a sportswear store with a Dickies label on it, never seen it on their website or stocked anywhere else though. Also it's hilarious how it's so expensive in foreign countries. And people still pay for it.
Sulfur-dyed denim tends to hold in color pretty long. You could look into hank-dyed stuff if you want something really long lasting too. Also Kuroki's denim is pretty tough everywhere it's implemented.
It's pretty accurate in giving off that Portland vibe.
What the hell is this redname shit on SW&D, partially on MC.
I wish I had more than just Vans when I was in high school.
Jay from Blue Owl said he'd be one of the only North American establishments to get them. There is a Canadian store Cosmic Bobo I think that have a few pairs in stock.
The straps are for holding cash right? Or are they belt clips.
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