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Can't imagine I'll get much help but can anybody ID this guy? I see him in menswear catalogs and ads all the time.
Didn't know NYT was this hip.
Those vintage style Cooperstown caps are awesome but real hard to find. Those are the only ones I like.
What brand is that one.
I was just in Macy's earlier and noticed they're stocking the new utilitarian models. Didn't buy them though.
Nice boots.
I got a pair of bright canary Akes like 2 years ago just because they were offering free sunglasses with a purchase. Although I liked the gummy worms they sent I still regret that buy.
Maybe their wrists are too small for the bracelet. Unless you're talking about the little stud then I don't know just remove and replace on a different section.
Quote: Originally Posted by diamonds fuck leather Is that twine or hair ties or something.
Bracelets in OP pic look like those wallet reins repro biker guys wear in Japan.
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