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Just got the last 28 Left Fields in today from the Context sale. One feature I liked right away was the lifted coin pocket. Construction is solid, I'd say on par with Sugar Canes. The denim quality is really unique. I mean I like them, it's great stuff the slub and all but texture of it is just odd. A low point was the feel of them on. I know a few people really like it but to me it just feels itchy like starched burlap. I don't know if Ryan or Will or whoever did it...
Dang. I was thinking about getting a pair from Farinelli's tomorrow with my fresh paycheck too.
if anybody happens to check on this thread, what is the yoke? is it that little strip seam between the waistband and back pockets? i'm guessing that's what it is but i'd like to confirm it
What do you guys think about Campbell boots by Ryan Rowe?
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