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His specialty is apparently holsters and gun straps so it seems like his stuff would be durable at least. The leather and construction seem solid. If he still offers the saddle tanned belts in a few months I'll pick one up. Thanks for the thread btw OP.
Regular mall variety Levi's STFs, my denim project for this summer. 1 month update, a few days ago: Fading so far is almost as bad as my dead lawn. Okay for $30 though.
For straight leg denim I cuff and occasional skinny jeans I let them stack. Trousers really shouldn't be cuffed unless you are a 48 year old Milanese banker with an interest in summery pastels, but that's just my opinion, whatever looks best on you is the best for you.
Some guy is selling this on supermarket for just over $100 after shipping. I've been waiting a while for new shirts from Colby or MJ Krell but I'm thinking of just taking this off the seller's hands instead.
Got a Tanner Goods wallet in early June. Here's new: Couple weeks of wear, ripped a hole right through my contest STFs:
Another price drop, $65 shipped worldwide.
Measurements: (measured flat) Waist - 14 in. Inseam - 35 in. Rise - 10 in. Thigh - 8 in. Knee - 7 in. Leg Opening - 7 in.
Looking to sell a pair of April 77 Cross raws. Brand new with the pick and DL code and everything. Size 28x35. Too hot for me to wear denim for a while so I need these gone ASAP. They retail for $120 but I need them sold so they can be yours for $80 USD. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD.
Public School Aundre Sauvage shirt. Such a novelty but I want it anyway.
Just got the last 28 Left Fields in today from the Context sale. One feature I liked right away was the lifted coin pocket. Construction is solid, I'd say on par with Sugar Canes. The denim quality is really unique. I mean I like them, it's great stuff the slub and all but texture of it is just odd. A low point was the feel of them on. I know a few people really like it but to me it just feels itchy like starched burlap. I don't know if Ryan or Will or whoever did it...
New Posts  All Forums: