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The first thing that comes to mind is child sizes but you'd probably have trouble with the inseams. Cheap Monday has twill chinos in a similar fit but at the moment all I can find is the girl version. If it's possible you should try a pair of 28's since there are so many of them that look like the ones you want. Still, excluding designer pieces there are still a lot of brands that make pants in about the same size like APC, W+H but they're a little harder to find.
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Roll sleeve, don't just smash it above the elbow like madstaxbro. You can never have enough stax bro.
Not sure if you already have some I think a seersucker/chambray button-up and linen trousers would work well, that's what I wear around LA nowadays. For shoes I'd just get a good looking pair of Cole Haans or something cheap on eBay since you're probably going to trash them quick.
Here is a product shot from ssense. They fit pretty much like APC New Standards.
You should probably just get one MTM from a local tailor, most blazers I've seen in department stores and whatnot have too many details like brass buttons and all that keep them from being versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state I found a pair of LVC 1955's for $105.00. Yay or nay? I'm not really familiar with the '55 cut and you can never really tell how these things fit until you've shrunk them down after a wash or two. Thoughts? I personally wouldn't because I think the 1947s fit best but if you're big into repros it would be a good experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by srendam How much do these fetch for and does anybody know when they'll be available online? I emailed the head designer a few days ago and he said the next lot coming out in month or two will be available online. Don't know about the pricing, some people said it's $250 a pair but others say around $180.
Yeah I saw the sufu thread a few days ago. Here is some guy who won a contest for the company or some shit. I think he's wearing their 'slim tight' cut. About the price point, nothing I can say to defend the quality but it seems pretty reasonable for what you get.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Those designs on the back pocket and the smaller one pictured ruin it for me. No love for Naruto?
A few more details.
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