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They look okay. The rivet is eye-catching but for $60 I'd rather search eBay or thrift.
I always see a ton of these listed on eBay.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 How many obscure japanese denim labels do we need? It's good to see the variety of denim to choose from nowadays. Must have been boring after a while having to pick between Lee's, Levi's, and Wranglers back in the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid WHOA How long did you have those/how many washes, those are fcking perfect!!!! I think my first pair was too big. I am a 32-33" measured waist and I got a pair of 34x36 I am tempted to get a pair of 32x36s (I like to cuff) and see what happens (I lost a bit of weight) Yeah they are from the MyNudies STF contest last year I think. Also there's no real reason to doubt the authenticity, fades like...
Quote: Originally Posted by sharks9022 Fading on the STFs really does suuuuuck. I'm wearing some right now it's going so sloooooow. I'm about to get some APCs though so those will be much better. Ah I changed my mind, they are doing much better right now for me. Maybe if I have the patience I can post pics when they show as much contrast as these.
Heard about these a month or two ago. The triple felled stitching is what gets me. The only things keeping me from getting a pair are a couple thousand miles and that they're possibly sanforized.
9 inch rise on the trousers?
This might be a little too grandpa for you but I'm surrounded by older people most of the time so I like it. Canali.
I need help with proportions.
The first thing that comes to mind is child sizes but you'd probably have trouble with the inseams. Cheap Monday has twill chinos in a similar fit but at the moment all I can find is the girl version. If it's possible you should try a pair of 28's since there are so many of them that look like the ones you want. Still, excluding designer pieces there are still a lot of brands that make pants in about the same size like APC, W+H but they're a little harder to find.
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