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Quote: Originally Posted by plei89 for $135, keep or return these brunomaglis? If they're US10s you should sell to me.
Dang you should have told me about the APCs, so beautiful I wish I could have traded you instead. Maybe I'll buy them later if I can't resist.
Not very street but look at this guy. How could you not want to be him.
I imagine steam would be bad for the luster of it but if you can't spot clean any longer that's probably the safest option. Anybody else interested, Koppartrans has a coated cut out:
Anybody interested in the old gumsoles H and C has a few pairs left in US10.
I doubt it since they've got the conditions for return on the front page so they'd claim it's clearly stated. If I were you I'd just send them to Denim Doctor or another repair shop, but if you don't want to go through all that find out where the gift's donor bought them from and see if that retailer would be willing to do an exchange. Or you could put them up on eBay and just cut the loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by faustov they will be available here in september That second pair reminds of these painted Studio D's. In a good way though.
If it's that waviness that zippers get after a while bring it to a cleaner. I'm not too sure a normal crew has the equipment to press leathers but they more than likely do.
Those look cool. Are they stocked anywhere that ships to America?
Do any places still stock the black/gum lows?
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