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Johnston and Murphy Aldrich in Oxblood/Wine. Looked away from them at first because people talk down about the brand's general quality but they're really not bad. Need some waxed laces.
I liked the A/W 10 lookbook, just need to find reliable stockists. Especially for this suit. Cute 1-button cuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland I have a pair of washed 501s and it looks like they are starting to have crotch blowout. Does crotch blowout generally start from the inside out? Or from the outside in? I see signs of wear on the outside where the 4 seams come together to make a + shape and it looks like a small hole is forming slightly to one side of it. Not sure if this is crotch blowout or a shitty stitch job. Also I thought crotch blowout is...
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets I carefully buried mine in my back yard. This spring a shoe tree popped up! Why did I laugh so hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula Whats the advantage with LHT to RHT? I talked to denimhead about that once and what he said was pretty much in the way they fade, that it's more spread out/overall in left-hand where right is supposed to be sharper and more defined in areas. Could have been shitting it for all I know.
The shoulders are a little too roped for my liking but it looks good on you.
Mods will probably be upset that this isn't in the questions thread. Don't know for sure but I'm guessing Opening Ceremony.
Great interview. Need to screencap the part about people complaining about 'imperfect' fades. God damn.
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