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Quote: Originally Posted by stylomilo 1. Narrower shoulders 2. Lower lapel gorge 3. Lower button stance 4. More waist suppression I second this. New to the Mens Clothing section but I admire this silhouette and it seems like you could pull it off.
I'm probably going to get a pair when they come out anyway, but I really wish they were button-fly.
-wool crewneck pullover -Tanner/Corter natural belt -grey/brown check blazers -wool trousers -waxed laces
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX I took my new shoe to my local cobbler to get water proofed and conditioned and polished before I wore it. After the first wore the leather seems cracked (as opposed to Creased). Is it because there was too much polish? or did the cobbler destroy the finish on my shoe? Or is this a odd case of creasing? First off, nice shoes. I think it's a result of the waterproofing, maybe he used something...
aj_del sold me a pair of beautiful Canali boots, so supple. Pleasure to deal with.
Never bought a pair myself, only because I prefer the even flowing look of rounder toes. Can't imagine the expressions you lot would have seeing a Henrik Vibskov runway collection if this is how you react to a blunted toe box.
If you opened this thread for more than 2 seconds you are a hipster.
You guys hear about the new 32 oz they're putting out? Look at how thick this yarn is! Benzak got his hands on some as well from DbPV so I'm guessing it's from the same mill. Probably shouldn't say which, but Left Field sourced from them for one of their slubby jeans.
You can get legit Julius/Ann D./etc boots for around the same price on supermarket, used but pretty much in the same condition as brand new Bedstu's.
Wow they look so cool bro.
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