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Quote: Originally Posted by G0079 What would a tapered leg jean look like after shrinking, though? Would you get crazy warping going on since the front is cut shorter than the back? They shrink? I still have some 511s from 2005 or something but they still measure to the tag size.
Quote: Originally Posted by LooseChange +1 The Morrisons were def good jeans, my go-to jeans for a good two years. I think you can still find a pair on eBay for dirt cheap right now, and supposedly still unworn. Fades pretty well actually for $20 jeans. Here they are on the right: Beautiful. How many washes?
Levi's STF verdes. I think total wear is about 2 months now, started late June and been wearing until today. Really regret sizing up on them. They're in the first wash right now, I'll probably retire them if they shrink too much.
Quote: Originally Posted by danracer here are some pics of the jeans: Awesome fit man. Great progress too
My favorites places to go are The Archive and Self-Edge. It's a big city though so you should just shop around. Or you could just check that big shop list that's stickied on the front page.
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan y'all niggas need to get your asses down to uniqlo anyways Maybe when they build one in LA. I just hope I can get a DB cardigan before the AA in Pasadena closes.
Saw a similar pair on Jak and Jil or some other street fashion blog. Too much of a novelty to catch on in my opinion, but they're certainly interesting.
No more jingling.
I don't like it. It was interestingly bizarre at first but now that it's getting older, it's losing what little draw it had. Like an almost equally hilarious contrast to the zoot suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylomilo 1. Narrower shoulders 2. Lower lapel gorge 3. Lower button stance 4. More waist suppression I second this. New to the Mens Clothing section but I admire this silhouette and it seems like you could pull it off.
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