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Finally I can stop scouring Swedish boutiques and paying in Euros! Are you going to be stocking Edwin Sens in smaller waist sizes?
They are really popular in Northern Europe's denim/retro circles. I bought one from Meadow a while back. I feel I got my money's worth except I should have read the size guide more carefully.
Anyway I have an Oxxford suit given to me by my father, but it's way too for me to even get fitted so it's just a place holder now(at least until I bulk up). It has neat bells and whistles but I don't think I'd be much more impressed even if it fit perfectly. And then I have some factory-made Johnston and Murphy Aldrich captoes. I have to say that pair of shoes has more soul than any other garment(s) I've ever seen in person. Beautiful leather unlike most I've seen for...
It would suck if this guy was being genuine and sitting behind a burnt out monitor running Windows '98.
Quote: Originally Posted by KPO89 I looked the Sugar Cane's up. They don't seem very slim with an 8.5 inch hem. I normally don't venture past 8 inches. I wear a 24x34 and it's safe to say for a straight leg they are pretty slim. Maybe it's just the proportions of the cut though, from my understanding they aren't exactly meant for people under a 30W. Probably why the butt is always so huge too.
My favorite flannels are from Dillards, light enough for summer but not to where layering is a must during winter.
I try to wear them one at a time but with the bad weather California has been having I'm going to start a rotation this winter. -Continuing Levi's STFs from this June/July -New Sugar Cane '47 IIs -New Left Field Kurokis starting next week.
Just today I was looking for ways to clean oil/wax off shoes because I brushed it in too hard with a pair I got today that darkened unevenly. Now, I hadn't opened the tin for a few months and when I did just a few minutes ago I see several blotches of black fuzzy-looking spots on the surface. It doesn't seem to be the residue from the brush because it looks to have sprouted away from where I usually rub into the soap. Would any experts mind enlightening me on what it...
Quote: Originally Posted by sharks9022 I wore mine 7 days a week for 6 months and I barely had a wallet fade. I got fed up and bought New Standards. I was just using them to try the idea of raw denim. If I liked it I planned on buying another pair. Unfortunately for my wallet all I can see myself wearing from now on is raw denim. I guess people just wear differently. My experience with STFs wasn't great but I'm happy with what I got.
I don't know any jobbers but I had a dream of making some of my own jeans once...never ended up buying most of the machinery I needed but I bought 3 yards of green line 14 oz from these guys. Right now they list almost exclusively Cone but it's still great stuff. Also just found some red line Japanese on there. Don't know what mill it came from though.
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