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Selling some Ande Whall Grifters 28x32.
Got some 2.0 era(sufu) Ande Whall Grifters I'm looking to sell/trade. If trading I'm after 28x34 bottoms and 36(S) tops. Nothing wrong with these I'd just rather tear up the pair I already have than keep a rotation. 9/10 condition, I only tried on once. sold, PM me for worldwide shipping and more pictures. -72cm tagged(28x32) -14.75in. waist -10in. front rise -14in. back rise -10in. thigh -7.75in. knee -7.75in. hem Pics taken by alex-san.
You could just take a flap of scrap denim and tack it onto your left pocket. Ta-da.
Good thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow 23 person chatrooms filled to capacity but no one talking because they had all gone private. QFT. -pre-brazzers porn -50 hitler -newgrounds -lotus breast -90's internet forums -stupid forwarded pornspam/chain emails
Hungary: -Eastern bloc = arr rook same -Country full of 90's pornstar women -shit military + tech(partially true) -crazy religious zealots Also I don't remember how to say it but basically that Hungarians also rip off Spanish and English culture
I use a SOG Trident for EDC, and I'd like something different. I like the Spyderco Harpy but I want something plain-edged or only half-serrated. Also It has to fold I don't like fixed blades. Reccomendations? Pic is the harpy if you don't care to Google.
Reviving thred.
Since when do pimps wear denim.
Brushed wool.
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