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Long sleeve?
Dang, I'd snatch up the work shirts if they were smalls.
Yeah I remember seeing these a couple months ago I was like "man these are great I'll take 4" but then I realized I need a lot more Junya in rotation before I can pull it off.
They sell bikes, pens, and even vacations. Not really much of a surprise is it?
Can anybody comment on the new cordovan tankers? Heard they were at Leather Soul for a bit and now they're in Context, but $625/pair, that's nearly my whole Black Friday budget. Are they really worth it?
Why don't you just get an oiled sealskin bifold probably a bunch of good deals in Louisiana.
If they're 12E I'd buy them off you.
phantomx48, brilliant. if you ever make any for sale put me on the waiting list! Using a modest Tanner Goods Workman right now.
Straight leg denim does that. If it really bothers you get a more dramatically tapered leg next time. Or you could try bringing the hem on those Edwins in closer, but it would probably mess up the proportions of the jean. Just a thought.
Scroll down to the comments, fine ass MILF wearing tie-dye getup.
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