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-Nom de Guerre Service flannel -bunch of Pendleton Indian blanket jackets -Pecard's shoe creams -ball peen hammer -goatskin hide -pigskin hide And a pair of those W+H utility pants if I can find some in my size.
Original is 5079x4992, not uploading that one.
In need of a wine colored belt with screw/snap hardware.
Denimheads, 3x1 has a pretty good sale going on. 69 € for some Edwin washes, 95 € for LVC 1890, etc.
Damn shame about the pretty sister that died. New episode in 16 hours though.
^I'd get navy personally.
Really want one of these. 11.2mm rounds though, where would I even get a box.
The snaps on a Tanner Workman will eat through his back pocket in weeks so I'd look elsewhere unless you like patching projects. You should talk up Unlucky or Corter if you want something to impress him. I personally think this one is beautiful but maybe a little too flashy for some.
I change out the boots regularly but pretty much this.
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