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I'll take 20!
Those new Diesel ads. Actually all the Diesel ads I've seen are pretty dum.
Tumblr is fun for the first couple of weeks. Then it's just reposting a reposted repost.
Geller x CP Combat bucklers. And all fashion-related perversions of the two-buckle service boot.
You can get 30W everywhere. Try finding 24x32, THAT is a tough one.
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin Still waiting for the Geller x Kohls collab.
I've only sold a couple things on here so not too many annoyances. Had a pair of April 77s I listed for $100, this guy kept PM'ing me to sell for $50 plus free shipping to Thailand or something. Worst thing that ever happened was I bought a pair of size 12 Margi GATs and I recieved a pair of size 10 Clarks DBs with no laces and smelled like cigarettes. Had to pay $30 just to ship it back.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdemon Here are some of the detailed photos of some jeans to give u an idea of our metal trims, pocket details,quarky hand sewn detail,etc. [IMG] By darnellnelson at 2010-11-29[/IMG] metal trims I was about to drop a couple bills on some LVC Nevada Barnstorms, but these look even better!
Maybe you should just focus on proportions a little more. I'm built like a teenage girl but have size 12 feet, I switched to fuller cut clothing and my silhouette is much more balanced. I think maybe a repro service lowboot might be good. Or yeah you could just work out a custom order with a the Viberg people.
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