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Fixed. Unless you want an actual rawhide belt, sounds kinda painful.
The new coin pocket says yes. As far as I know their denim is all the same cut so it should be.
Got a pair of 28x32 N&F Skinnyguys in Deep Indigo. Minor creasing and wear but 9/10 overall. FS/trading for 30x32 skinny Deeps.
Well it has all been said hasn't it. I say 501 STFs are the best 'entry level raw denim' in that someone new to the magical world of denim can learn how to shrink and see what wear patterns they accrue and all that for under $50. They're also a lot more durable than one might expect.
I think so but it's French so maybe that's why it's not as lustrous as Horween's.
Tanner Goods, Corter, Hollows and all of them make great belts. Just depends on preference really. For example Corter makes thick cheap straps for us lads with clean nickel hardware while Tanner has a bigger range of colors and styles with more in stock while the other guys like Zissou and all them offer more customized options with a more personal touch, but because of this may take a little extra time to deliver.
Got it yesterday, I want to trade it though, get something I feel less worried about beating up.
Are you a cop.
I challenge you not to look like a flammen tourist with homosexual tendencies in those shorts.
Can we get an interior shot of that cutie cute cardholder?
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