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Bought these used from a guy on supermarket long ago but I completely forgot about puberty so these wouldn't fit past my calf. Been sitting in my dresser since then. They're in good condition maybe 9 or 8.5/10, some slight fading on 2 knee creases and a shy wallet imprint but a month of wear would cover all of that. I don't know much about the specifics but these are the plain 14oz Deep Indigos from 2 - 3 years ago, I think one of the first runs. $70 shipped CONUS, $80...
Oh yes that's the one thanks.
I think it was part of this A/W but I really like the brown flannel 'Generation' button up, haven't found it stocked in North America though only a few UK spots.
OMG o my GOODNESS what is gonna happen with the Ebbetts group buy
I don't follow Alden too closely but I think those are the suede Pitts, Leathersoul has/had them right.
You can slap another sole on with cement if/when the time comes but a welted shoe would probably be a better choice. Maybe you would like these I don't know but there are a lot of other shoes in that price range.
They are like Iron Rangers.
Do they just recycle this topic every 2 years or what.
I like the blue jacquard shirt on their shop site. Everything else is mallshop AE/Hollister hive.
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