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Sorry for being unintelligent.
I was up at the Brioni outlet at Woodbury Commons and found a great suit that fit really well (at least the jacket did - didn't try the pants). The jacket had a nice contour and was very lightweight with Super 160 fabric. Size was 38R. The suit retailed for $5,000 and was being offered at $2,800. At this price point, I was thinking that I should go for a good quality made to measure. What are some good places to go in NYC that can offer a flattering style? I am on...
I bought a Valentino Roma suit from a discount store for $450. I thought it had a nice fit now I have an issue with the fabric. Once I got it home I noticed that it had a sheen to it. Not sure if that's just the style or if it means the fabric is low quality. Let me know what you think! Size is 38R. I was looking for a solid blue suit and was deciding between this and a Hickey. Also bought a Michael Kors suits that is very issues with that one!
I've been looking around this forum but haven't seen too much about the YSL men's suits or the Saks Fifth Ave branded suits. I found the YSL at Century 21 for only $450 but I am not sure if that's a good deal or not. From reading some older post, it sounds like they licensed out their name years that still the case? I am also looking at the Saks branded suits made from Zegna fabric. This suit was made in the USA and seemed pretty nice. But again, I am not...
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