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Quote: Originally Posted by fertilizer actually it is. at the very least in this instance. you see i could never forgive myself if i were to "make love" to a tranny or a new half. .. blah blah blah, hateful shit, blah blah blah. Dude, I don't know you from Adam, but you need to find a hobby or find some love. That is some messed up hateful shit, your parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising something like you.
Love the action pic. Personally I think they look perfect, but I prefer pants to be fitted and definitely not baggy.
Do the rules about the length of sport coat change when you're tall and skinny? I'm 6'3" and 160lbs, not terribly skinny, but I have trouble finidng coats that fit well (38l or even 36l). How far down does the coat need to be? I've heard "covers the rear" too many times to count, but that looks very long on guys with long torsos... I've yet to find a good picture of how a sport coat should hang on a tall man. Any examples?? Thanks!
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