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Hi thanks for posting those photos which really helps me alot. You said There is plenty of room in the forefoot. So will you take a half size smaller if you can choose again.thanks
Hi Anyone like metal music and heard of Animals As Leaders? The guitarist is the brother of Abdul. Enjoy, also there is a photo of him on
I mean universal work
What else do u left for them? Since my english wasnt that good. I am affriad that i may misunderstand on phone. thanks
I really like Universal Works alot. But dont know its fit since it is a uk brand. If I wear xs for eg. Will it be too big for Universal Works in small?
Hi how much is it?And is there any xs? thanks
crepe sole problem Any brother has the issue of having yuketen with half of the crepe sole coming off?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 rkd! you are going to love me. i found a place that has 2 colors of chukkas in size 8, 9, and 10 on sale for $170. they also have a pair of the sport chukkas with the natural crepe sole in the same size range on sale as well. the store is unknown and not an affiliate so pm me for the contact info for those that are interested! Hi Just want to see if there is any 7.5 or 8 for any style? Looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by golfingbanker Got mine for $180 with shipping. I am pleased with them except they are a little stiffer than I expected. They should be perfect by summer. where do you buy from?
Hi I would like to buy a eg tailor down vest black in small. Please pm me if you would like to sell your. tin
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