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J+o from toronto. They got the black one
HI, I am in yuketen 7.5 and alden as well. I don't have a cp so can't compare. thanks
Hi, I got this last year but didn't wear it since it is slight too large for me. The shoes are new and have not go outside. However, the sole itself shows a bit of wear since it may had been tried in shop before. I paid around 370 before. Now I will say 350 with shipping. Hope someone can really take care the shoes.Enjoy. I will upload some more new photos later. Thanks
PLease contract me if you have one for sale. thanks
I ordered three belts and a wallet during the black Friday sale. I emailed you about the belt sizing and I still have not received any reply. Just want to check if you have received my email. Transaction ID #2TG61999LH2806013) Thanks
I really want a Shoulder Hoody, anyone want to sell one to me. PLease.
HI it is a brand new jacket. I am selling it since it is too big for me. I bought it at retail price. it will be 350$ with shipping to U.S or other country. Thanks pic just for reference
I got a size m and l. IT is a extremely rare nike acg jacket which is more than 600us before. NOw only 300$ with shipping. Thanks
all sold
Want to order this BUt I dont know the fit well. Should I order half size down or a whole size? Thanks
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