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They actually sold this on ebay before, someone stole from me in the few secs... sosad
you want red and how much you are looking for?
I want to this, but never bought any products from rrl before. I am 173cm tall and around 125 pounds, wearing xs to s for engineered garments. What size should i get?
...... I bought it in tbs as well but tbs just told me that the have an error in the jacket's quantity on the web.So...
\ lucky to get one from tbs
@xiaogwuay: I ordered the jacket last friday, still have not got any shipping info from tbs. By the way, I come from HK as well.
Hey, just want to see if anyone order stuff from super denim to Canada before, and hows the tax works? thanks
THat ass hole is me;)
I think you should email to see if they have them in stock of not.Hope you can find one
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