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Viberg 1950 Service Boots with Brogue Toe Cap. Handmade in Victoria, BC, Canada. Model: 1950 Service Boot with Brogue Toe Cap Size: US 9,9.5,10 Sole: Vibram 4014 White Christy Sole Color / leathers: 6.5oz Brown Smooth Oiled leathers Condition: 100% new, with original shoes box Feel free to ask questions. Last drop:All sold thanks
PLease delete, I posted it in the wrong section.thankS
Basically, the our legacy online store sent me the wrong jacket
Here is a story for you guys why better to get our legacy via TBS then Our legacy. I have heard some members having bad experience from getting stuff form ol online store before and I also sent them like 5 emails asking whether they will restock some items, but none of them got reply. However, it still didn't stop me from stopping stuff of them since you won't expect shit happens on you right? I really want to buy the irregular jacket before, the colour is darker than...
My first pair of new balance is actually a 576 made of tanned leather(uk made). And I had a great time with it for like 2 years before the sole is completely worn out. And i got a new pair of the exact model as will. Great shoes, but I found myself better with grey suede now since I always wear stuff in blue and they just match subtly.
I think there are too much people,being too close minded in USA. Saying " that's suck" or not in certain way will just make yourself living A "small pond". That's why The best items from USA are usually go to Japan first. I personally like to new balance very much, especially the classic one, made in USA in particular. They will be your "everyday" shoes since it just matchs in many ways. You could wear in high-end way,like number-nine do(m1300jp), or goes to...
Anyone can sell me your fw10 storm parka in xs. Please help me out, have been finding it for more than a year...
Hey Did you get any piece from them yet? It will be great you could share them with us with photos Thanks
Where do you live in?
Anyone bought stuff from end clothing to Canada before and got taxed? Thanks
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