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Rimowa or B+R. I have the rimowa salsa 29", not the air listed above, and it weighs in at around 5lbs as well. Full up I hit 49-52lbs with diving gear, clothing and sundries for a week plus. Which means it is PERFECT for check-in if you are based out of the USA. It isn't cheap by any stretch though you CAN get discounts if you talk to the vendors. They have a strict MAP though. As for scuffs, yes it gets a bit scuffed but not in any real apparent way, but who...
I had bespoke shoes made, without a fitting, using a fiberglass casting process. Colors might not be to your liking though, and the sole is a bit stiff. http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=545752
Fantastic diving in phuket. One day I am going to go back and do a liveaboard... As for the suits, I will mirror the more negative responders here. The fit is just not very good. I'm betting you stood up nice-n-straight when they were doing the measuring, so it fits a bit un-naturally around the body and shoulders, probably looks bad when you are standing normally. The arms are just.. wrong. Too large, bent and too long or something, hard to say. Either that or...
zenny: maybe so, and I agree that vk is a bit 80s honestly, but they are nice and are a serious "wait what the heck are you wearing" item without being fully in your face. I thought they would be sending me more wool socks though based on our conversation. I like what I have though so I ain't sending 'em back though. Maybe in another 6 months I'll place another order with them but ask for wool only. Or maybe go wool only with some other brands. Decisions,...
I'm not surprised. Why have so many stores in the dc area? One or two larger stores would make more sense. Im guessing this means the one in tysons, the one north of baltimore the one in mazza and one that I didnt know existed... Leaving the one in dc.
considering it was revived, I'll answer mr grant's inquiry about tap vs distilled. you are correct that in most cases distilled is right. On the rowentas however, they use a softener. Softened water will not leave deposits in the same way that tap water will. If you have hard water, the constant heating and cooling causes the materials suspended in the water to come out and collect in the iron itself. Distilled will cause the metal in the iron to leach out and...
Yep, just noticed the loop pulled out a small amount on the green/beige with orange lines. I'll give them a call tomorrow. Sucks cause thats my favorite color combo so far. I'll try to pull it a bit see if the thread goes back in.
Look what just showed up!
Really? Hah learn somthing new every day. I know I read it here about the blue color
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i have no idea why. the reason is that the blue sole indicates a return at nordstoms. generally sizing issue. Otherwise I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat. Me and my size 41/8/uk7 feet. normally sutors are true to size.
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