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Price drop, both Levis for $40.
Sorry for shitty cell phone pics. 1. MMM slim black jeans with some very unique detailing on parts of the jeans. The best I can describe it is as "fuzzy," where most of the upper thighs and the back of the legs have these little fuzzy things on them. Very nice jeans in great condition, I've worn them about 10 times, and washed them once. One of the threads from the patch with the numbers has come out (you can see in the last picture), but I don't think it matters...
Thank you
What is the inseam on the pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonz Those interested, Clarks on BR website (http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse...scid=739003002) 40% off (regular price) + 15% (birthday coupon) + 25 % (Bing cashback). ~$40? Explain how to get the 40% and 15% off please.
Does anyone know where I can buy any selvege underwear?
Is it possible to remove logos from clothes? I have access to cheap Abercrombie polos but I hate the little Moose logo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Yeah you're forgetting not be a pitchfork whore and having your taste rammed down your throat by a bunch of pasty beardos from Chicago. Oh no, I've been found out! I actually downloaded all of these albums when they leaked, which was well before Pitchfork reviewed them or whatnot. But ya, I guess I am sort of a Pitchfork whore. Pitchfork Fest looks awesome this year but I can't afford to go to Chicago.
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