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$110 shipped. SOLD
Just as a rough estimate, is a Winter Varsity in a stock size 46 long enough for someone who is 6' tall?
price drop
price drop Pictures of Label, on request:
For sale is a Spiewak Putnam Field Jacket in size M, retail on this was around $200 I believe. Practically brand new, worn maybe 5 times last winter and is in perfect condition. It's a great jacket, unfortunately it's a tiny bit too big for me since I've lost a bit of weight since last winter, and this jacket is too warm for me in California anyways. For it's size, this jacket is very warm. It has Thinsulate, really heavy duty zippers and snaps, a detachable hood,...
Hello styleforum, I come to you in need of advice on a hairstyle. I was thinking of a jugend or hitler youth type doo, since all the cool kids in the Streetwear forum seem to be doing it these days, but perhaps you might have better ideas. As you can tell from the pictures, my face is very narrow and my nose is very big, so I would need a style that would suit this well. If I push my hair down against my face, it goes to my eyebrows. Also, if it makes any difference,...
Just received my Elephant Skinnies in the mail, and these are fucking awesome. They are SO stiff and thick, they make my old APC's feel like paper. I had a hard time just getting my legs all the way through the end of the jeans. The only problem I have with them are the front pockets are a tad bit small (or at least smaller than my APC's), and since they're so tight, and the denim is so rough, it kind of hurts my hand to get them in there. Not really a big problem...
I would prefer the Elephant's but those seem to be more rare. Anyways, I would prefer these to be new, or at the very most, lightly used without touching water.
They don't have my size. If anyone has size 31 Elephant Selvage Skinny Guy's for sale or knows where I can buy them, I would greatly appreciate it.
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