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I'm looking for a Desert/Ankle Boot similar to Clarks, but sleeker and skinnier. I'm looking for a color similar to the Clarks Beeswax, or maybe a shade lighter. Any help would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by chubacca Has anyone have any progress with elephants? I'm curious because I've been wearing mine for about 4 months and they still look brand new. I've had mine for about 4 months now too, but I don't wear them every day, probably 3 or 4 times a week. The only noticeable fades are the wallet fades. I can notice a tiny bit of whiskers when I look at them in sunlight, but nothing great. At least it's a good sign...
Price drop.
WWM Maine Guide Jacket, Black, 100% Wool, size Small. I purchased it a month ago and have only worn it twice, and it is in practically brand new condition. Tags have been removed but I can include them on request. This is a very nice, warm jacket, but I have too many jackets and this one doesn't get enough attention. Measurements: Shoulder - 17" Pit - 20" Sleeve - 25" Length (Back, bottom of collar) - 26.5" I can include more pictures on request. Apparently my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee CHRISTMAS10 gave me 20% off plus free shipping at yoox around 5 minutes ago Worked for me too, and also got free Express shipping which I thought was unusual but cool nonetheless.
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t Goin tmrw afternoon, all u last minute dudes who need proxy hit me up. http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/066373 If you see this jacket in XS in Black, I would buy it from you. It's not on the US website anymore for some reason, it was on it like 2 weeks ago. Maybe it sold out or something.
I have a raw or untanned or whatever they're called leather belt, and half of it got soaked in water. The half that got soaked is now visibly darker. Can I restore the darkened part to it's original color or would it be best to just get the whole thing wet so it's all darker?
$110 shipped. SOLD
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