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Not sure exactly how to measure raglan sleeves, but when laid flat the outside of the sleeve to the point where it meets the shawl is ~30.5".
I have this cardigan for sale in size Small in Dark Grey, if anyone is interested. Color is Dark Grey. I proxied this from the UK but unfortunately it doesn't fit, I'm just trying to get some money back. The measurements on the site are accurate except for the chest, which is ~19.5". I can provide pics on request, and feel free to ask any questions.
Price drop
Price Drop
aul Smith Ricard in the "Sigaro Dip Dye Wash." Absolutely gorgeous boots, I just don't wear them enough to keep them. I've only worn them about 5 times, maybe 10 times max, they are still in excellent condition. I will ship it with the original box. Feel free to ask me any questions or request more pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Garbage Mouth Is there any reason why the baseball jacket size chart doesn't include shoulder measurements? Is this due to the raglan sleeve? And why doesn't the DR Vest have sleeve measurements WTF
I just got a pair of Paul Smith Ricards, I have never had boots this nice before and I want to keep them in the best condition possible. Should I apply anything to the leather now, or is that only necessary once I put a good amount of wear into them. I live in a city in California where there is hardly any rain and no snow, if that matters.
Paid for the Ricards on Tuesday, and they arrived today. The boots are amazing, thank you so much.
Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on how to taper jeans? My NS' have a 7.5"~ leg opening, I want them to be 7". If this procedure is difficult, does anyone know of any good tailors in San Jose, CA? The only ones I know of around my house literally don't speak any English at all and I don't want them ruining my jeans.
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