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What's the sizing like on the Slim Fit Tasmanian jackets? S=36, M=38? I'm looking at the UK sites measurements and it seems like I'm in between sizes, maybe I'll just get an M and have it tailored.
Saw my first TOJ in the wild today. Black/black new varsity near SJSU, it looked damn good. Kind of surprised it took me this long to spot one since San Jose is a pretty big city, but the majority of the people here are pretty terribly dressed.
Does anyone know if the (+J)Wool Coat+E ( http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/070294 )is in stock in size S at any of the stores, and also what colors they have? On the US site they only show Navy but on the model pics I think there was a black one. If they have this coat in Black or Grey in size S I would love it if someone could proxy for me.
crohnoes proxied me a few items from the UK and I just want to say it was a very smooth and easy transaction, I give him my full endorsement. Thanks again!
No thanks. It's $50 retail, plus tax, shipping, and any proxy fees you would have to pay. I think $60 is fair.
Pit to cuff is 21.5", bottom of collar to hem is 25.5".
Not sure exactly how to measure raglan sleeves, but when laid flat the outside of the sleeve to the point where it meets the shawl is ~30.5".
I have this cardigan for sale in size Small in Dark Grey, if anyone is interested.
http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/069628 Color is Dark Grey. I proxied this from the UK but unfortunately it doesn't fit, I'm just trying to get some money back. The measurements on the site are accurate except for the chest, which is ~19.5". I can provide pics on request, and feel free to ask any questions.
Price drop
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