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Posts by blasty Are these the Oxfords that are on sale? Is anything else on sale too? _yoo, I'd like to take you up on your offer. I'll pm you in a bit. Thanks for offering this!
Price dropped
Added more fit pics. For reference, I am 6'1".
These APC pants are very slim fitting and very light weight, perfect for the Spring and Summer. 100% cotton, button fly. The pants are cut like jeans and have pockets like jeans, and the cut is very similar to NC's or PS's. The color is a light beige or taupe. I have used them a few times but they are in near perfect condition. They're really nice pants, but this color doesn't really fit with the rest of my wardrobe so I don't wear them enough. Measurements: Waist -...
What's the sizing like on the Slim Fit Tasmanian jackets? S=36, M=38? I'm looking at the UK sites measurements and it seems like I'm in between sizes, maybe I'll just get an M and have it tailored.
Saw my first TOJ in the wild today. Black/black new varsity near SJSU, it looked damn good. Kind of surprised it took me this long to spot one since San Jose is a pretty big city, but the majority of the people here are pretty terribly dressed.
Does anyone know if the (+J)Wool Coat+E ( )is in stock in size S at any of the stores, and also what colors they have? On the US site they only show Navy but on the model pics I think there was a black one. If they have this coat in Black or Grey in size S I would love it if someone could proxy for me.
crohnoes proxied me a few items from the UK and I just want to say it was a very smooth and easy transaction, I give him my full endorsement. Thanks again!
No thanks. It's $50 retail, plus tax, shipping, and any proxy fees you would have to pay. I think $60 is fair.
Pit to cuff is 21.5", bottom of collar to hem is 25.5".
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