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WWM Upland Jacket in size Medium for sale. I got a few years ago and have worn it maybe 15 times, still in perfect condition. It is a medium weight, navy tweed with black leather elbow patches. Retail was $500+. The close-up picture of the logo shows the color the best. Shoulder: 17.5" Pit: 20" Sleeve: 25" $150 shipped conus.
Has anyone tried machine washing any of the Lambswool or EFM sweaters?
I don't think I'm allowed to post the nudes, sorry guys
I've never posted any fits before but I thought I'd give it a try. Here are a few bathroom fits that I've taken at work and sent to my lady lol, enjoy.
I actually ordered a few days before everyone in this thread started saying the EFM sweaters fit slim lol. I wear S in other Uniqlo stuff and they fit well. The cardigans actually fit pretty well, they're a tiny bit tight but definitely wearable as there is a decent amount of stretch to them. The length is the main reason I'm returning them. I reordered them in M since they're $10 cheaper now anyways. As for the shirt measurement inaccuracies, 2.5" is a bit ridiculous.
Just received my shipment of 2 EFM Cardigans and 1 Broadcloth check shirt all in size S, and none of them fit. The measurements on the site for the shirt says 21.5" for body width but I measured it at 19", lol. For returns, do they take off $7 per item or $7 total?
I'm selling a LOVA Peacoat in size M, color is dark Navy. It's used but in very good condition. The link below has better pictures and description, I can provide more pictures on request. Chest: 20.5" Shoulder: 17.5" Sleeve: 25.5"
Anyone have any opinions on this UU Wool Blended Jacket? Fit/quality/warmth?
Does anyone have any experience with the Cotton/Cashmere sweaters? Worth it at $20?
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