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It's not the Tart Arnel, even though the shape is pretty close. No diamonds and the bridge on the Tart is flat across the top not arched like Grant's. It doesn't look like a Persol either. If you look at the temples in the pic it's not an arrow or a diamond, it's two pins on either side.
Just been working to get them to perfection with what you'd find deadstock from the past. Body, collar and all. It's taken some time but I've done it. This is the Paramount collar shirt. Unfused but double stitched. I love collars that have a mind of their own and don't look like cardboard on your neck, the Old Hollywood look. I don't wear collar stays, but you might, so I put in a vintage style collar stay pocket that runs along the edge of the collar rather than down...
Thanks, I've always been frustrated with how companies today don't make off the rack styles with the right crown and brim dimension of a 1930s hat, so I decided to do them myself. Powell Cagney
Felt prices just keep going up. I remember when I could get an Optimo for 400, now they are near 600. Kind of like the price hike Disneyland did for their annual passes.
That one looks just like one I had custom made by Graham about 10 years ago. Difference being I'm wearing mine.
I was asked to show how packable a fedora could be so I made another vid. Packable Any felt breaks down over time, just like any suit wears out. I chose a very good felt so it wouldn't break down very quickly. I like clothes that I can abuse. This is a hat you can roll up and abuse... But don't forget to properly take care of it as well. Cleaning and blocking are required with a hat over time, just as a good suit needs cleaning and pressing now and again.
I tweaked the design a bit, went with a block that's straighter and a little bit higher, a sweatband that is a bit deeper and for this hat, darker like those I find in late 20s early 30s hats. It's more of a copy of that bone colored hat that I had pinched on the Queen Mary in 2005. I just needed to have my favorite hat back, and here it is. I have a pretty large collection of men’s hats that were produced within the last 100 years, and most of them are from the 1930s...
So is it the use of Nylon that's being objected to?
Indecision after consuming some whisky that was throughout the shop. \\/ Stopped by Leather Soul in Beverly Hills with a friend of mine for the Alden trunk show to see how America's other great shoemaker was faring with all this new Allen Edmonds talk on the boards. I hadn't been to this shop before so I took my time staring at and picking up the shoes as I do. I also had a few shots of whiskey that were available on the spot. Nothing entices a man to buy shoes...
The footbed is special order like the Rendenbach soles and the use of the #1 last. The ones off the shelf have a regular leather footbed and are done on the #5 last.
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