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I am looking for a versatile shoe to wear with khakis and maybe jeans if possible. This is going to be my first Allen-Edmonds shoe. I am considering the Weybridge vs the Kenilworth in brown. There is no way I can see them in person where I live. The Kenilworth looks sleek but does the plainness make it formal? And the Weybridge looks 'special', like a shoe that you would only wear for special occasions, not at the office. What are your thoughts? Weybridge: Kenilworth:
I'm sorry, probably the fact that I'm posting into a style forum that I used to frequent as a graduate student might sound like I'm being superficial and not dedicating every single minute of my life to my new station in life. I totally understand that. The only defense to that accusation I have is that I like to dot my i's and cross my t's. Attention to detail does not have to be confined to your work. It's a way of looking at things; a curse, if you will.I was just...
Hello, As a new faculty member used to dressing like a graduate student, I would like to dress more according to my new "authority" position. My colleagues dress very sloppily (jeans and t-shirts, sometimes dress pants), with the notable exception of women. I do not know where to start. Is there a happy middle? I would like to dress better than the students, but without alienating or making my colleagues look funny at me. Any tips?
WTF is a chambray shirt and why would I want one? What am I missing? Can somebody explain please?
My skin is allergic to most metals (except hypoallergenic ones, silver, and gold), and all of the belts that I've had in my life make me develop a rash in my belly from the belt buckle touching my skin when I'm sitting. Belt buckles touch my skin when I'm sitting untucked. This might be a stupid question, but by any chance does anyone produce hypoallergenic belts?
Is there anything unfashionable about wearing white sneakers? or are only white tennis shoes the problem? I've always heard "never wear white sneakers". Why is this suddenly OK if you're wearing Common Projects?
I am completely lost. I have a cool brown military-style jacket, but I don't know what to put underneath it. Looks kind of like this http://www.perryellis.com/content/eb..._A_default.jpg but in brown. It is cotton, not leather. It does not have a zipper; it has lapels. Yellow shirt? White-and-blue striped shirt? shirt of another shade of brown? Would black jeans work? or blue jeans?
New Posts  All Forums: