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PM sent.
Meant to send a PM, will now send. Sorry.
Fine looking pieces!!!
Have an identical suit and it is superrific. Buy>enjoy
Damn, that suit is fucking gorgeous and my size. Lemme see how shitfaced I can get, I just can't afford it right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles out w his name Got a tracking number today, I am giving him a break on this, maybe I was impatient but communication is key
I am posting and will leave the seller nameless at this point. A week ago I paid him promptly for a suit, and gave him my address for mailing. A few days went by and nothing, so I imagined the suit had been shipped. I sent him a PM asking for a tracking number and didn't hear back for another few days, at which time he told me he'd been on vacation and "waited for the money to be transferred to his bank account." Bottom line, he hadn't shipped the suit, and these...
PM on 5 and 7
I am open to many colors and makers. Prefer flat front pants, waist 31.
Would. Glorious pieces.
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